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Community Alarm and Telecare

Both Dundee and Angus operate social care response services whose staff will support you in an emergency. They use a range of sensors and alarms to help people who might fall, have fits or other emergencies. This is often called telecare, or community alarm. There are also smoke and carbon monoxide alarms that use under-the-pillow vibrating pads, for deaf people who won’t hear the warning sound.

Visit the Telecare Devices page for a list of devices available in Dundee.

What is a community alarm? Watch this cartoon to find out

Do you need a community alarm? This website will help you decide

Watch this video to find out more about the Dundee service (Angus has similar services). 

In Dundee, contact the First Contact Team

In Angus, contact the Community Alarm & Telecare Service

Telecare Devices

Telecare Devices

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