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Training for Moving and Handling

Moving & Handling People

(find a PDF version of this Introduction here)

Wherever possible hazardous manual handling tasks should be avoided. It is important that any manual handling is carried out safely and in accordance with any guidance to maintain the health and safety of yourself, the individual and any colleague who may be assisting you, to reduce the likelihood of accident or injury. There are a few questions you should ask yourself prior to carrying out any Manual Handling activity. 

These include:-

  • Is there any service user manual handling assessment to be followed detailed in the care plan?
  • Is the area free from hazards?
  • Is there sufficient space and lighting to operate the equipment?
  • Is the equipment safe to use?  Have you undertook the equipment check?
  • Is the individual agreeable to the manual handling?

It is recommended that you access the link below and complete the following module:

Dundee City Council employees please use the following link Manual Handling – Scottish Passport – Module A – DCC Link

Non Dundee City Council employees please use the following link Manual Handling - Scottish Passport – Non DCC Link

For those who are not council employees, please screenshot the pass rate at the end of the manual handling quiz for your own employer’s record.  Pass rate required is 80%.

Training for Moving and Handling

If you are deployed in a social care setting in Dundee, during this period of Covid19, whether council, private or third sector, Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership consider this is essential information, training and instruction.  Watching these videos and reading the materials which follow, will support you, the employee and the manager in your work.

We envisage that management would refer to these trouble shooting and emergency information, instruction and videos to support the employee.

The training is split into two parts.

Part 1 is core training for all employees moving into social care.

Part 2 is for Social Care Response Service (Community Alarm) and emergencies where the equipment is in place.

The programme is laid out in the order of learning we wish you to follow.  

It starts with the unsafe practices, guiding hand and chair work, insertion of slide sheets, hoist and stand aids and emergency response, utilising a range of equipment.

We ask that you in the first instance speak to your own line manager, or if redeployed, equivalent link manager if you have any specific questions after watching the videos.


There are identified manual handling trainers within specific sites or services. As part of your induction, these individuals should be made known to you.  Please ensure you are aware of these individuals and know how to contact them for additional advice and guidance. Please contact your link manager in the first instance if you are not aware of who your identified manual handling trainers are.


For additional advice and support, contact your own manager and, if redeployed, your link manager.

Specific Manual Handling (People and Equipment) assessments continue to operate under normal referral processes.

(NB - if you are using a Dundee City Council computer, click here and go to final page.)

Part One - Moving and Handling People Core Training (40 minutes)

What Not to Do

Unsafe Techniques 

This video shows techniques we do not wish you to use.

Use the following techniques as appropriate

Guiding and assisting

Guiding Hand, Chair Work, Sit to Stand, Stand to Sit 

Insertion of Sling

Origami Technique 

Bariatric, others ... Sling and glide sheets. 

Glide Sheets

Length of Body, Glide Sheets on Bed 

Inserting a sling behind a person in a chair 

Support one person into bed using two people 

Support one person into bed using one person 

Hoist and Stand Aid

Starting the Task – What to consider to keep you and the equipment safe to use.

NB - Trouble shooting information & instruction for Hoist and Stand Aid

Introduction from Tracy Oram, Occupational Therapist

Hoist – Chair to Bed (Generic)

Hoist - Safely Transfer a Patient (Generic)

NB - Emergency procedures for Hoist and Stand Aid

Working Safely – Person becomes suspended in a hoist

Lifting a person from the floor using a hoist.

Stand Aid – Generic

NB - Emergency procedures for Hoist and Stand Aid

Working Safely – Person becomes suspended in a Stand Aid

Part Two - Social Care Response Service - (Community Alarm) (21 Minutes)

Raizer Chair

Mangar Elk video1

Mangar Elk video 2

Mangar Camel

Hover Jack and Mat

Fallen person in a confined space or restricted space

Lifting a person from the floor using a hoist.



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