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Videocalling the Occupational Therapy Service

You can sometimes talk with the Occupational Therapy (OT) service online, using a confidential system called Attend Anywhere.

To do this you need a smartphone, or a tablet, or a computer with a webcam. Attend Anywhere only works with Google Chrome or Apple Safari, and most mobile phones will have these installed. On a computer, you need to make sure you have an up to date version of Chrome or Safari. You also need home broadband, or a 4g mobile data connection. Make a test call by clicking the blue OTs Online button (above).

At the moment this service is by appointment only. If you are offered an online appointment, you will be asked to open Google Chrome or Apple Safari, come to this webpage and click the blue OTs Online button. (Or you may be sent a link). Then Attend Anywhere will open and test your camera and microphone. Usually this is very quick, and there is a helpline if you meet problems.

You will enter an online 'waiting room', and you will see that you are in a queue. Your Occupational Therapist will connect with you, and you should be able to see and speak to each other.

You can see a video of someone (in Dermatology) using Attend Anywhere 

Find information to help you use Attend Anywhere and troubleshoot any problems

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