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Sight and Hearing

In Dundee & Angus NESS helps blind and deaf people by providing information, advice, equipment and support. NESS has Resource Centres in Dundee and Aberdeen. You can find out more on the NESS website ... See the links below.

NESS offers ... 

Practical & Emotional Support 

  • Services providing practical, social and emotional support to people living with a sensory loss to be independent and confident. 

Daily Living Aids and Technology 

  • Adaptive and assistive technology can transform the lives of people living with a sensory loss. 

Audio Library & Magazines 

  • Extensive collection of over 4,000 audio books, and weekly audio magazines. 

Service User Forum 

  • Forum for all service users to discuss items of interest, pass on information and for mutual support.

North East Sensory Services website (NESS)

Video Introduction to NESS (in BSL with subtitles)

NESS video on technology and other gadgets to help people live independently (in BSL with subtitles)

Phones, computers, tablets and more ...  

The Living Made Easy website has an extensive section on technology for communications, from magnifying glasses to telephones and computers.

Also, for people who cannot speak at all, or with difficulty 

The Living Made Easy website describes ways of communicating without speech ...   

Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)

Other sources of information 

Independent Living Angus has sections on Eyesight and Hearing.

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